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Saturday, April 9, 2016

An M/M and M/F Contemporary Romance - Trust Me Like a Promise

Now Available
Trust Me Like a Promise

If you read the debut collaboration between Aria Grace and Kyan Christopher, Break Me Like a Promise, you've already fallen in love with the guys and girls at Sculpt. Their drama continues in Trust Me Like a Promise.

Still reeling from his recent loss, Tad finds himself depending more and more on the sweet and beautiful Marissa. She is there for him in ways he didn't think he'd ever need again and as the two of them spend more time together, Tad is drawn to this woman who helped him in his time of need. He's just not sure if or when he'll be ready to let go of his past in order to find his future. 

Phil is starting over in Cleveland with a new job and over 1300 miles between him and his ex. But now that he's settled into his new job at Sculpt, it's getting harder for him to ignore the urges he feels toward a certain swim coach. But when his ex gives him some unsettling news, will his hopes of finding happiness again be dashed before they even get a chance to start? 

After his run in with Jarrod, Brent finds himself in an uncomfortable working environment. As he and Luke become closer, Jarrod’s seemingly inappropriate crush leads them down a path that someone may not recover from. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

When I'm Lost by Aria Grace - Book 3 of the Mile High Romance Series

When I'm Lost

by Aria Grace

Book 3 of the Mile High Romance Series (M/M)

Although there are references to When I'm Weak, When I'm Lost can be read as a standalone.

Mike hurt many people in his past. With no other way to make things right, he sets off on a journey to apologize to those he has damaged the most. When he reaches the end of his list and his cash in Denver, he decides to stick around and attempt a new start.

Seb isn't sure he can trust Mike but offers to help the guy out with some projects in his new apartment. They try to deny the chemistry but it's too strong to ignore. Seb wants to find someone who can be his physical match so he can never make the mistake he made with Kyle.

Mike just wants to be found.


I barely have time to inhale my sandwich before Seb’s black Xterra comes barreling up the driveway. He must've been hauling ass to get here so quickly. I unwrap the plastic from the big peanut butter cookie I bought and break off a piece just to keep my hands busy while I wait for him to enter the barn.
The dogs bark at his arrival, but I ignore them. They have plenty of water, so I have some time before I need to take them out individually.
“Hey, this place is pretty cool,” Seb says as he steps inside and checks out Shane’s setup.
“Yeah. Shane did a really good job,” I say, nodding and looking around with pride. I’ve only been here twenty-four hours, but I already feel like I’m making my mark.
“Yeah, he did. So which one is yours?” He points to the pens with a completely straight face. I try to look insulted, but I can't hold it before I grin.
“Mine’s upstairs.” I nod to the open door.
“After you,” he says, gesturing for me to climb the steps first.
I'm about three steps ahead of him before he takes his first step on the staircase, which means his eye level is right at my ass. Good thing I'm wearing clean jeans, I think self-consciously. I just wish they fit a little better. I’ve lost some weight since the last time I went shopping, so everything fits looser than I'd like.
When we step inside the apartment, I turn and point to the sink. “It's right—”
“Oh, you shouldn't have.” Seb breaks off a piece of my cookie and pops it in his mouth. “Mmm, but I'm glad you did. Peanut butter is my favorite.”
My mouth is gaping. I don't even know what to say. He winks and walks toward the sink. The bucket I’ve set out is almost full but not quite. He lifts up a small toolbox and starts digging through it. “Give me five minutes and I'll have this taken care of.”
I stare wordlessly and sit at the little dinette.
After a few minutes of just staring, I feel a little guilty. “Can I help or get you anything?”
“Nope.” Seb has taken the top of the faucet completely off and has little pieces everywhere, but it seems like he knows what he's doing. Within a few minutes, it's all back together without any extra pieces. Pretty impressive, actually.
“That should do it.” He turns the water on and then turns it all the way off. No drip. He turns it on halfway and then off. Still no drip. He does this a few more times before I realize he's actually playing the song Staying Alive with the water flow. I have to laugh.
“Do I need to get the bucket again? You’re wasting water.”
He finally turns off the water and chuckles. “What’s your deal with buckets? What are you gonna do with that? Flush the toilet or something?”
I give him a serious look. “Yeah, I plan to. I'm from Arizona. We have droughts. You don't just waste water like that.”
“Arizona?” He leans back against the counter and crosses his ankles. “What does a guy like you do out in Arizona?”
“Get into trouble,” I say half joking, half not.
“So I’ve heard,” he says quietly then turns to pack up his tools.
It takes me a minute to realize I should offer to pay him. I have some cash, but I spent most of it on groceries and some work gloves like Shane's, which I didn't want to put on his business account. So I don't have much, but maybe he didn't come here for cash.
I bite my lip and wander to the couch, pacing in front of it for a minute and trying to decide what I should do. I've never had to sell my ass before. I don't plan to start now, especially since I have a real job and an actual home, but if Seb came here with the expectation that something was gonna happen…
Fuck! I don't know what to do.
“Okay, well, I'm just about done here. Is there anything else you need help with while I’ve got my tools?” Seb walks over to me with his box in his hand.
“No… Not that I can think of.” I take a look around the room. “It's actually in pretty good shape.”
“Okay, then.” He seems to be stalling. What is he stalling for? Is he waiting for me to make a move?
I have to at least offer him something. Whether or not he accepts is up to him. “So what do I owe you?” I ask, nervous he's going to ask for more than I can give.
His eyes go wide and he shakes his head. “Nothing at all. I'm happy to help.”
“Oh, so do you want to stay for a little while?” I ask. “I don't have much, but I picked up some sodas and chips.”
He smiles and takes a step toward the door. “Thanks, but I should probably get going. I’ve got to work tonight.”
“Right, of course.” Then I do what I always do—the wrong thing. I reach for his shoulder to stop him.
“Hey, Seb, if you wanted something else, like, as payment, I guess I would be open to that.”
Seb squints at me with his nose scrunched up. Then his eyes go wide. “Are you seriously offering up a blow job or something?”
I avert my gaze, focusing on my hand instead of his eyes. “Well… I guess, if that's what you want.”
He pulls his shoulder out from beneath my hand. “No, I was just trying to be nice, kid. That's definitely not what I want. You take care of yourself.” He turns and takes the stairs two at a time until he's out of the barn. I hear his car door slam and tires spinning on the gravel as he drives away.

I’m not sure if I offended him or just disgusted him. Either way, I basically just told him I’m a whore.  

Check out the rest  of the Mile HIgh Romance series 

Mile High Romance Series

by Aria Grace

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Match Point by Kyan Christopher - Available Now

Title: Match Point
Series: Bathhouse Stories #4
Author: Kyan Christopher
Genre: MM Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 20, 2016


Blake’s life seems to be one of perfection. A medical student and ranking tennis champion, he never has the time to realize what’s missing in his life. A chance encounter at a charity auction sends his life into a tailspin. Now with his sights set on a new love, can he be the person everyone expects him to be and still keep the man of his dreams? 

Being the friend everyone loves to hang out with is great. But being the one always going home alone isn’t as much fun for Ricky. So when his luck seems to change, Ricky can’t believe he catches the eye of a gorgeous young guy. But as his insecurities mount, Ricky’s inability to love himself may cost him the one man who’s grown to love him for who he really is. 

For mature readers only.

Get Your Copy Today!


My mom couldn’t have been more ecstatic that I donated funds on her firm’s behalf. “Oh, honey. That’s great. I’m ashamed to say that we’ve been lax on donating to LGBT organizations lately... Something I will have to remedy. But thanks to you, we’re off to a great start.”

I didn’t bother telling her I used it to buy a date. Although my parents both put on a good show in support of gay rights, having a gay son isn’t something they care to talk about. When I came out, they promptly told me they accepted my ‘choices,’ but pushed me back in the closet. If I was discreet, they didn’t care. However, I was always expected to show up to their galas with a young lady in tow. Thank god I have a few lesbian friends I can always count on to help me in that department.

“You should, Mom. LGBT organizations don’t get enough exposure.”

“We will, honey. I’ll get with Francis first thing in the morning and we’ll get right on it. How’s school? Your father and I are a bit disappointed you aren’t coming home for spring break.”

And here we go. “School’s good, Mom. I’m sorry I’m not coming in for the break, but I want to get caught up on studying. My clinical class is taking up a lot of time I used to have. Being at the hospital, classes, and studying is like having two full-time jobs.”

“Okay, okay. I know, honey. We just miss you. Will you be able to make it to the spring social next month?”

“I don’t know, Mom. April is going to be even busier.”

“Well, I do hope you’ll try. Maybe you can even bring that darling girl Sharon with you. She was such a delight.”

I’m sure her girlfriend thinks so too, I can’t help thinking. “We’ll see. I’m not making any promises.”

“Well, just think about it, dear.”

“I will, Mom.”

“I love you, Blake.”

“Love you too, Mom.” We both hang up and I sigh in relief. Josh looks up from his phone.

“’Rents giving you a hard time?” he asks.

“My mom. She wanted me home for the break, but I can only take so much of them, you know. I mean... I was just there for two weeks at Christmas and they about drove me bonkers.”

Josh laughs. “Well, at least you have your hot date to look forward to.”

I perk up at the topic of conversation. “Isn’t he cute?” I ask, imagining Ricky’s face and his piercing hazel eyes.

“Yeah, he’s okay.”

“I know, he’s not some muscle-bound god, so he couldn’t possibly be attractive.” My voice drips in sarcasm, with a slight edge of annoyance.

“I didn’t say that. He is attractive, just not my type. But I know he’s yours.”

“Yeah. That smile, those eyes...”

Josh bursts with laughter and rolls back on the bed. “Now who’s like a boy with a crush?”

“I know, I know. I gave you grief.” I think back to all the conversations Josh and I have had about Kimball over the last few months. I picked on him constantly for his overly enthusiastic view of his boyfriend. Now, I kinda get where he was coming from.

“You did, and payback is a bitch.” Josh giggles.

About the Author

Kyan Christopher was born and raised in Louisiana. A southern boy who loves the city, he is a romantic at heart. Never thinking he would become an author, a fan fiction piece he wrote inspired a series that launched his desire to weave tales of passion and romance. Kyan is supported by his loving husband and best friend of sixteen years. They live in the South with their three four-legged kids.

Connect with the Author

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Break Me Like A Promise - MM and MF Contemporary Romance

Title: Break Me Like a Promise
Series: The Promises #1
Author: Aria Grace and Kyan Christopher
Genre: MM / MF Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 30, 2016
An M/M and M/F Contemporary Romance Series. Written from the perspectives of both male and female, gay and straight characters. 80% M/M, 20% M/F For brothers Brent and Tad, opening up their gym, Sculpt, is a dream come true. Struggling to gain recognition in the fitness world, they enlist the help of a well-known advertising agency to help market their full service fitness center. When Brent meets his new account manager, he feels an automatic attraction to Luke. However, another employee in the gym has his eyes set on Brent and will stop at nothing to keep the boss to himself. Tad is married to his high school sweetheart. With a wife and two adorable children, his life couldn’t get any better. Then his happily ever after is cut short by a tragic accident. Tad gives up on love, expecting to never be happy again, until one of his employees puts her life on the line to protect his business. The Promises Series is an M/M and M/F romantic collaboration by authors Aria Grace and Kyan Christopher.

As soon as our orders are placed at Blue Wok, Brent leans back in his chair and heaves out a deep breath. 

“So do you want to talk about it?” I ask again, taking a sip of my Coke.

“No.” He laughs quietly. “Actually, I don't. I'm done talking about it. Thinking about it. I just need to get away from it for a little while. Tell me about yourself. How's work on our campaign coming?” 

Brent visibly perks up at the topic.

“Actually,” I say, getting a little excited myself, “it's going really well. I have some mock-ups for you guys to approve for the ad I want to run. And we have two tentative dates in mind for the cross promotion with Tangled down the street.”

“Really? The pretzel place? That's awesome,” he says, smiling for the first time that I've seen since his sister-in-law's death. “I can't wait to check it out. I know the timing really sucks and I'm sorry about that. Obviously, we had no idea Tad and I would both be so disconnected from work for a little while when we hired your agency.”

“No. No, not at all,” I say, waving my hands in front of me. “You hired me to take care of this stuff for you. So really, whether you are working or on vacation, this stuff will happen. The campaigns will run, business will boom, and all will be great.”

Brent laughs at the simplicity of my words. “From your lips to…well, you know.”

“Yeah. I know.” 

“So what else is going on with you? Do you live alone? Have a dog? Play sports?” Brent is clearly grasping at topics of conversation.

“Yes. No. Not really,” I say. 

Brent furrows his eyebrows. “Wait. Now I don't even remember what I asked or in what order.” 

“Yes, I live alone. I've got an apartment nearby. No, I don't have a dog or any pets. I like dogs, and maybe someday, but my apartment is too small for a big dog, and I wouldn't want a little yapping thing. And what was the last question?” Now I can’t remember what he asked.

Brent makes a face and scratches his nose in an adorable way. “Sports. Sports. I asked about sports.”

“Oh, right. Not really. I used to play hockey when—” 

Brent raises an eyebrow. “Street or ice?”

“Ice through high school. Street in college.”


“Yeah. Some friends and I play pickup now and then, but it's actually been a while. I’m not great at it but I have fun. Once the weather clears up, they might drag me out there again.”

“That's awesome.” 

“What about you?” I ask, twisting the straw wrapper into a tight rope to keep my fingers busy.

Brent shrugs. “Not much anymore either. I used to play softball with some buddies, and baseball when I was younger, but since we opened the gym, I mostly just work out there.”

“Yeah, I can tell,” I say under my breath before I catch myself. 

Brent smirks. “Can you?” 

Shit, now he thinks I’m flirting. That's not a bad thing, but he is still my client, and he's definitely too vulnerable right now for me to take advantage of him.

“Well,” I choke out, “it's obvious you and your brother both spend a lot of time testing out the equipment in your gym.” 

Brent squints a little as he seems to study me. “Is there anybody special in your life?” he asks, cutting right to the chase. “Maybe a girlfriend waiting for a ring?”

Now he’s playing with me. He knows damn well there’s no girlfriend, unless he has the worst gaydar known to man. “Nope, no girlfriend. Not since fourth grade.”

“Boyfriend?” Brent asks, more serious now. 

I look right at him. “Nah, nobody serious at the moment. What about you?”

Brent shakes his head without breaking his stare. “No, my life's too crazy for a boyfriend.” He winks. “But I definitely like friends who are boys.”
“Hey, Claire. How are things today?” I walk behind the reception desk and glance at the computer screen over her short, pixie-style black hair. The open calendar program reveals blue highlights for appointments that are booked this week. 

“Good. You have a client coming at ten, so you have about thirty minutes to shower and change.”

Lifting my arms one at a time, I smell my armpits. “I don’t stink that bad.”

She turns around and looks at me over her black-rimmed frames. Her gaze takes on a quizzical look. “Ugh. How is it again that you’re gay? Because you seem to be very much the straight man when it comes to body odor.”

“Geez, Claire.” I laugh as the corners of her mouth tilt upward. “Sorry to disappoint your stereotyped expectations for straight and gay men.” 

“That’s why I stick to women. Less fuss and confusion.”

“Oh, is that why?” I smirk.

“That and the tits and the…” The door chime sounds, cutting her off. “Hi, welcome to Sculpt. Can I help you?”

Leaving her to our new customer, I head through the gym to the men’s locker room. All the employees have large lockers here for extra clothes we need throughout the day. Walking toward the showers, I grab a clean towel from the stack we maintain for guests.

I pull the glass door open, and light puffs of steam greet me as I step through the entrance. The outer area of the tiled room consists of benches running along the frame of the fourteen-by-twelve room. An opening at the back leads to the showers, where the sound of water cascading echoes off the walls. Stripping out of my clothes, I lay them on one of the benches, taking only my towel with me.

Making my way down the center aisle of shower stalls, the back left stall is the only one in use. Three stalls are lined up on each side of the aisle. A rod with a curtain on each allows for privacy, but I notice the stall in use has only half the curtain pulled.

Choosing the back right shower, I hang my towel on the hook outside the stall and pull my curtain, leaving enough room for me to glance over to the other side. The water warms quickly and I step under the stream, allowing the pelting flow to relax my muscles after Grant’s strenuous workout.

I sneak a peek from around my curtain, looking into the shower across the way. A strong thigh and one side of a round, bubble butt come into view and my dick begins to grow. I pump some of the body wash from the dispenser and begin to lather myself up, giving extra care to my stiffened member. My hand glides up and down as I continue to stare at the muscular body in the other stall.

The body begins to turn, so I lean back into the stream of water, not wanting to be caught peeping. I chance a look again and my eyes grow wide. The guy’s hand is moving up and down. Damn, he’s jacking off too. Tingling sensations cover my body as I watch this hunk across from me.

The man’s left hand braces above his head on the shower wall. Fuck. I wish I could see his face and chest, but he hasn’t leaned over far enough for me to see more than his hands. My hand strokes faster as I hear the guy let out a small moan. As I watch his hand clench against the wall, he groans and I know he’s reached his climax. The excitement from glimpses of him pleasuring himself sends me over the edge as well. I lean back into the flow of water, letting it coat me as the trembling sensations within me subside.
Born and raised in beautiful California, Aria enjoys the year round sunshine and laid back environment of the west coast. She lives with her husband and two children and more pets than she can keep track of. Despite her crazy schedule, she loves the time she carves out to read and write. Whether it's on the beach or on the couch at 2am, she is a woman obsessed! She loves to hear from readers so please feel free to drop her a note or visit her at If you'd like to know when Aria's next book is coming out or where she'll be signing, join her mailing list at:
Kyan Christopher was born and raised in Louisiana. A southern boy who loves the city, he is a romantic at heart. Never thinking he would become an author, a fan fiction piece he wrote inspired a series that launched his desire to weave tales of passion and romance. Kyan is supported by his loving partner of 15 years. They live in the South with their three four-legged kids.


Friday, December 18, 2015

When I'm Weak by Aria Grace - Mile High Romance #2

Best Selling M/M Romance Author
Aria Grace Presents

When I'm Weak
Mile High Romance #2

This book is a standalone.

Amazon | iTunes | Nook (coming soon)

Jamie presents a flamboyant and slutty attitude to the world because he's been hurt before. Even though it's mostly an act, he hides behind his persona to keep people at arm's length. With only a small group of trusted friends, he's vowed to never allow a man to have power over him again. Power to hurt him. Power to take away his freedom. Power to label him as a predator for the rest of his life. 

Reed and his sister run a home preschool for toddlers. His focus is on getting credentialed so he can take some of the burden from Lucy. He doesn't have time for friends, much less a lover, but when he meets Jamie, he recognizes something in the man that makes him want to get closer. 

Unfortunately, Jamie's past prevents him from truly integrating into Reed's future. It's not just a matter of the heart. It's a matter of the law.

Available Now
Promotional priced at $.99

Coming Feb 27, 2016

Learn more at or join her mailing list for updates and free book opportunities.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free from E. L. Todd - Forever & Always Collection. Limited Time Offer

Offer expires on 12/04/2015


Contemporary Romance at its finest. 

From bestselling author, E. L. Todd, comes the limited edition Forever and Always Collection, books 1-3. 

Sean and Scarlet aren’t exactly an ideal relationship. Stupidity and selfishness on Sean’s part lead him to hurt Scarlet over and over again. Scarlet’s naivety and ignorance doesn’t help matters. But in the midst of all the angst is one of the greatest love stories of all time, full of laughter and love, and tears that will make your eyes glisten. 

Only For You: 

When Scarlet realized Penelope was dumping Sean, her best friend, she was devastated. Penelope was the love of his life, the woman of his dreams. Scarlet knew how far her best friend was going to fall and she had to catch him. Scarlet became Sean’s rock and helped him through a very painful breakup, but her own hidden desires bubbled to the surface in the process. When they finally gave in and slept together, she thought it was the start of their new relationship. Unfortunately, Sean didn’t feel the same. 

Humiliated and heartbroken, Scarlet moved across the country and found what she least expected. She rekindled her damaged relationship with her brother, who she hadn’t spoken to in a year, and her brother’s best friend was attractive and interesting. Their relationship was natural and unforced, and she was immediately drawn to him. Would she be able to get over Sean, forget about him, by sleeping with Cortland, or would that just be another repeated mistake? 

Forever and Always: 

Now that Sean and Scarlet are together, Scarlet couldn't be happier. They were meant for each other and would make any sacrifice to be together. With her greatest friend as her new lover, their relationship was perfect. But when Sean asks her to move back to New York, she hesitates. She doesn't want to leave her brother after finally reconnecting with him so they agree to make the coast-to-coast trip every weekend. Scarlet wants Sean to move to Seattle but she knows he can't leave his job for her. Scarlet fears that Sean still loves Penelope even though she never questions him about it. When Penelope shows up at Sean's apartment pregnant and penniless, Sean has to decide what he really wants. Will a baby interfere with the happiness that Scarlet has recently found? 

Edge of Love: 

Sean and Scarlet are finally blissfully happy together. Their past is behind them forever. But after Sean and Scarlet travel to Connecticut to reveal their engagement, tensions escalate, family secrets are revealed, and an unexpected visitor ruins the weekend. When they return to Seattle, Scarlet refuses to get married at his family estate, which infuriates Sean. Their arguments escalate until another secret is revealed. 

Scarlet is full of regret when she realizes she hurt Sean and broke his trust. For the first time, Scarlet is responsible for the pain and the hurt of their relationship. Is Sean’s love just as unconditional as he claims? Will he able to forgive Scarlet for her betrayal just like she forgave him?