Soy Latte - MM Mystery by Aria Grace


Book 2 of the M/M Real Answers Investigations Series. 

When the handsome customer that comes in for a soy latte every morning stops coming in, Jay isn't too worried. Not until he sees the man's picture on the evening news. Can Doug figure out what happened to Mr. Soy Latte?


“Good morning.” I wiggled my ass against Jay as his hand slid up my chest. He tweaked my nipples before splaying his hand over my chest in a possessive move that made me want to crawl right inside of him.
“It certainly is.” I pulled his hand up to my lips and placed a soft kiss on his palm. “I haven’t slept that well in…years.”
“It’s almost nine. You have time for a quick breakfast before you head to the station?” Jay’s warm breath on my neck caused my entire body to break out in goosebumps.
“I could eat.”
“Good, because I’m starving.” Jay kissed the back of my neck then slipped out of bed. I turned over to watch his bare ass cross the room to his bathroom. Damn, he looked good naked.
Once Jay headed downstairs, I dragged myself out of the comfort of his bed and jumped in the shower. I had considered packing an overnight bag but that seemed too presumptuous so I was stuck wearing wrinkled slacks and a dress shirt to the police department.
Jay had omelets and coffee waiting when I walked into the kitchen fifteen minutes after him. “Smells good in here.”
“I brushed my teeth.”
I reached for the cup of coffee he offered and dropped a fast kiss on Jay’s cheek. “You always smell good. I was talking about the food.”
“Oh, that?” Jay slid an omelet from the pan to a plate and handed it to me. “Well, I hope you like spinach and feta.”
“Love it.” And that’s not the only thing in this room I’m starting to love. “But I need to head out soon.”
Jay fixed a plate for himself then walked with me to the breakfast bar. “This won’t take long.”
I put a forkful in my mouth and closed my eyes at how good it was. “Mmm, this is delicious.”
When Jay didn’t respond, I looked over to see what had his attention.  His eyes were glued to the TV on the other side of the kitchen. The volume was muted but his jaw dropped as a photo flashed on the screen.
“Holy shit,” he whispered as he ran for the remote. “That’s Soy Latte.”
It took me a second to understand what he meant. But when he hit the rewind button and turned up the volume, I remembered his dreamy customer.
We listened in silence as a frantic woman pled for information about her son’s whereabouts. From the background images, I could tell Quinn Michaels’ parents were still holding court at the police department.
“His name is Quinn.” Jay’s whispered words sounded sad. “I feel like we should have known his real name before seeing it on the news.”
“I’m sure he appreciated the attention he got from your shop. That’s why he went there every day.” I wanted to make Jay feel better but I had no idea what to say in a situation like that. He didn’t really know the guy but the daily contact, regardless of how superficial it was, implied some kind of relationship that would be hard to ignore if this ended tragically.
“I can’t believe he’s actually missing. We figured he just skipped his run yesterday.” Jay slumped against the counter and crossed his arms. “I hope he’s okay.”
“That’s the new case I’ll be working on.” I rested my head against Jay’s shoulder as the picture on the TV changed to a traffic warning on the Bay Bridge.
Jay held my hand and squeezed. “I hope you find him.”
“Yeah, me too.”