Aria Grace's Looking For Home -- Early Release on Amazon

Aria Grace is proud to announce book 9 of her
best-selling m/m romance More Than Friends series.

Early Release on Amazon 8/15
Available everywhere 8/21

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 Looking For Home
Series: More Than Friends
Author: Aria Grace
Genre: MM Contemporary
Publisher: Surrendered Press
Heat Level: Explicit

“He’s hot,” Spencer says in my ear. “And single. You should totally go for it.”
“What are you talking about?” I spin toward Spencer, splashing the melting ice water from my glass.
“Georgie.” He nods toward the slender man I’ve been stalking. “He’s a doll. Very sweet and sexy, if you don’t mind a diva.”
I can’t hold back a small grin. I do like a diva.
“I’ll take that as a yes?” Spencer grabs my elbow and we start walking before I realize what he’s doing.
Before I can step away or tell him to stop, we’re rounding on one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. Amber eyes meet mine for a moment before trailing down my body.
I can feel his gaze like a lead blanket unrolling down my body.  When his eyes finally return to mine, there’s a twinkle there I haven’t see in a long time. Not since that first night with Nick. Back when he was still impressed by what he saw when he looked at me.
“Georgie,” Spencer’s steady voice reminds me to lift my jaw and smile politely, “have you met Evan? He’s Chuck’s friend. His old roommate.”
Something unreadable flashes across Georgie’s face and his entire demeanor changes. A coy smile spreads across his face and the side tilt of his head makes my dick twitch as he gives me a more obvious inspection.
“Evan?” He takes a step forward and drops his limp wrist in front of my chest, expecting me to hold it. “Well, I had no idea Chuck had such scrumptious taste in roommates.”
I gently close my hand around his and pull his knuckles to my lips, brushing a light kiss across them. “It’s a pleasure, Georgie.”
The golden hue of his eyes darkens as he watches my mouth against his hand. When I slowly lower his wrist and release it, a visible shudder passes through Georgie. He recovers quickly, bouncing on his toes as if he’s trying to see my backside.
I’m tempted to turn around and give him a real look but I can’t bear the thought of looking away.
“The pleasure is mine.” Georgie looks at Spencer. “Why haven’t you brought this beefcake around before? You know I’m a loyal carnivore, through and through.”
Spencer laughs and shakes his head, whispering in my ear. “Good luck with that. Don’t get hurt.”
Once Spencer’s presence is far enough away that we can speak freely, I look around. There’s a dance floor with several couples slow dancing to fast music, while others mingle in small groups. “Would you like to dance, Georgie?”
Georgie’s diva fa├žade almost cracks as his eyes soften. But before he’s able to let down the barrier that he obviously hides behind, it’s back and fully secured.
“These hips don’t lie, Evan.” He steps into my chest and thrusts into me twice. “Let’s go see what kind of promises they have to make.”