Just Stay by Aria Grace releases October 7, 2014

More Than Friends #4

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Release date: October 7, 2014

An excerpt of Just Stay, the Spencer and Dylan story:

He’s reaching for his socks but with every inch he pulls forward, the mask of pain on his face gets more intense.
“Here. Let me.” I drop to my knees in front of him and pat my thigh. He puts his foot up so I can pull off one sock then the other.
He stands and starts to unbuckle his belt. I glance away and stand too. “I’ll just give you some privacy.”
As I turn toward the door, his left arm reaches out to me. “Yeah, thanks.” I take a quick peek back as his pants fall to the ground and he’s left in just a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. God, he’s perfect. The hours he spends in the gym have been well spent. Muscles ripple and bulge over every inch of his body.
He looks over his shoulder at his back, straining to see the smeared blood. “This should be fun.”
I turn around and step back to him. “Oh, right. Well, um, I can, you know, help with your back…if you want.”
Dylan’s eyes drop to my crotch and slowly trail up to my face. “Sure, if you don’t mind.”
I silently follow him into the bathroom. He turns on the bath faucet and sets the temperature. Looking down at his boxers then back at me, he steps over the side of the tub and lowers himself into the water, careful to keep his bandages dry. “Ahh, that fucking hurts but it feels good.”
I reach for the bar of soap and unwrap the delicate paper surrounding it. Dipping it in the water with a hand towel, I lather it up. “Lean forward a little.”
Dylan looks deeply into my eyes before scooting forward and resting his cheek on the side of the tub. With gentle strokes, I wash away the streaks of blood on his back and side. When there isn’t anything left on his back, I hold my breath and move the towel to the outside of his bronze bicep.
One eye peeks open and Dylan smiles faintly without stopping me. “I could just fall asleep.”
“Well, I probably can’t lift you out without hurting your shoulder so try to stay awake for another minute.” With much more force, I run the sudsy towel over the front of his torso, stopping about an inch from the waist band of his wet boxers.
As soon as all visible traces of blood are gone, I drain the tub and help my sleepy savior out of it. I pat the drops of water from his glistening skin almost blindly because every time my eyes linger for more than a second or two, I find myself leaning into him. I want to lick the droplets off his body and then soil him again with droplets of my own. But I can’t think that way.
Dylan has dealt with too much in the past eight hours and he just needs rest. “Here, you can wear this.” I hold open the thick robe and ease the arm of his bandaged shoulder into the right hole.
“Thanks.” He turns his back and slides his left arm into the other sleeve. Just as he inches the fabric up his back, his towel drops, pooling around his bare ankles.
I want to turn away but I can’t. After the robe is tightly closed, he turns and just stares at me. His gaze locks on mine and I don’t know if I should kiss him or walk away.
I want to pull the string that’s responsible for hiding his gorgeous body but I take a deep breath and a step back. “I’ll make sure the front desk knows you’re welcome to stay as long as you want.” I fish a business card out of my pocket and drop it on the dresser. “If you need anything, just give me a call. I’ll be on a plane at eight but you can call anytime and I’ll get back to you.”
Dylan just nods without breaking eye contact. “I don’t even know what to say.”
I smile and reach out to give him a half hug on his good side. “I know what to say.” My palm cups the back of his neck and I tilt my forehead down to rest on his. “Thanks for saving my life. I owe you one.”